No trip to the Margaret River Region is complete without a cheeky wine tour to experience the products the region has to offer. We have done the hard work and sampled all the best Margaret River wineries. This beautiful area, just three hours south of Perth, is blessed with stunning coastlines, rich soil and incredible wines. With over 95 cellar doors (tasting rooms) dotted around the area, you have an overwhelming selection to choose from. Not to mention the breweries, and other local food artisans to sample.

Although there are many reputable wine tour companies, if you have a designated driver, it is just as easy, and a lot more budget friendly, to do a self-guided tour. Thankfully, the majority of the wineries don’t require an appointment or charge a fee. The wine tasting is provided free of charge as they generate their money from wine sales.

While we cannot claim to be wine experts, we have crafted (what we believe to be) a strong itinerary of some of our favourite spots in the region including the best Margaret River wineries. It was designed to take between 5-6 hours, which includes a lunch break at one of the spots. It is possible to make it a half day affair, but as many wineries are open between 10am and 5pm, we suggest taking your time and making the most of your day. The tour originates from Dunsborough town centre, but can be easily adapted to start anywhere throughout the region.

Ultimate Wine Tour Itinerary

1. Palmers Winery

Despite the more industrial-looking cellar door, Palmer’s is a great choice to start your tour. The wines are delicious and very reasonably priced, and it gets the tour underway immediately, rather than sitting on a bus for 30 min as you make your way down Caves Road.

*Favourite: 2017 Palmers Sauvignon Blanc Semillon

2. Happs Wines

Although the environment was a bit stuffy and posh for our style, we were won over by the beautiful outdoor amphitheatre and lawn. Plus, I am always a fan of a winery that has more on offer than just wine. Happs has paired with local artists to showcase pottery and paintings as well as offering gourmet picnic staples such as delicious meats and cheeses.

*Favourite: 2016 Three Hills Greanche Shiraz Mataro

3. Wild Hop Brewing Company

The new kid on the block. This brewery just opened at the end of February and it has already been buzzing with locals and tourists alike. The brewery is beautifully designed and specializes in small batch brewing. So get yourself one of its tasting boards so you can sample the goods.

*Favourite: Tasting board of 4 beers

4. Swings & Roundabouts Winery

This place has continuously been a go-to favourite for me throughout the years. Less upscale than some of the other wineries, this place has adopted a more relaxed environment with its sprawling outdoor area, lawn games, picnic tables and to-die-for wood-fired pizza. If you are looking for a more casual lunch, this would be your spot!

*Favourite: NV Swings & Roundabouts Sparkling

5. House of Cards Wine & Gabriel Chocolate

House of Cards ticks all the boxes. They have very friendly cellar door staff, cute décor, a well-rounded wine selection and locally made goods and products. If you are still looking for a lunch stop, just next door is Chow’s Table, a restaurant offering Chinese/Malay cuisine with a fresh twist. And if that isn’t enough for you, there is also Gabriel Chocolate on the same property to satisfy for your sweet tooth.

*Favourite: 2018 AppleJack cider aged in oak

6. Robert Oatley Vineyards

One of the more renowned wineries in the region, known for their fine dining and award-winning wines. This place was a little posh for our standards, but for true wine connoisseurs it would be an integral stop on any tour. The garden and outdoor area is one of the best in the region and makes for some beautiful photos.

*Favourite: 2017 Robert Oatley Signature Series Great Southern Riesling

7. Beer Farm

Very aptly named, this location is rustic and relaxed in a repurposed old barn and outbuildings. Beer Farm has become a fast favourite in the region often hosting trendy events and live music on their sprawling property. It makes for a perfect last stop on the trip where you can relax, enjoy the food trucks and stalls and wind-down with a great beer.

*Favourite: Beer Farm NEIPA – New England IPA

With almost a hundred cellar doors in the region and a growing number of breweries, there is no way to cram all the hotspots into one day. This itinerary was designed to include some of our favourites while at the same time creating a logical and concise route. That being said, there are a couple spots that didn’t fit into the route listed above but are worth a visit if you have the time.

Honourable Mentions:

Eagle Bay Brewing Co

With an energetic atmosphere and delicious beers, you cannot go wrong with Eagle Bay Brewing Co. Despite being a brewery, the sleek design and picturesque location have created a classy environment, often hosting weddings and events. For good reason, it has become a well-established brand and a must-do spot for anyone visiting the region.

*Favourite: Eagle Bay Pale Ale

Olio Bello

Known for their wide selection of olive oils, Olio Bello also has a large variety of gourmet products – dips, lotions, balms, jams and more. Its boutique restaurant with olive tree-shaded outdoor seating and artisan products makes for a perfect lunch destination.

*Favourite: Roasted Garlic Infused Olive Oil

Sampling wines and experiencing different food artisans, while witnessing the well-kept vineyards and stunning cellar doors, is the perfect way to get a taste of how beautiful this region is. After a day filled exploring the best Margaret River wineries, be sure to nurse your hangover by exploring the incredible coastlines and the rest that this region has to offer. We can safely say that this place has become our favourite destination and hopefully it will top your list as well!