Anyone who knows us, knows just how much we love Dunsborough and its surrounding area. This town, located three hours south of Perth in Western Australia and in the beautiful Margaret River Region, has become a second home to us, and for good reason. With the beautiful blue Geographe Bay at its doorstep, the laidback surf lifestyle, coastal Yallingup as its neighbour, and the incredible wineries and coastal hues around Cape Naturaliste, the quaint town of Dunsborough has captured perfection. There are so many amazing things to do in Dunsborough that its not hard to see why we love it so much.

Despite Dunsborough’s very popular status as a holiday destination, it thankfully hasn’t reached international or even national scale. The town has become a popular hotspot for Perth locals on weekends and holidays but the rest of the world has yet to be let in on this secret gem of South West Australia. As a result, you can still expect to find secluded beaches and incredible spots all to yourself.

Floating in Aquarium Rock Pool in Yallingup Western Australia

For a town of less than 5000 people, Dunsborough is teeming with adventure and things to do – making it the perfect holiday destination. After being lucky enough to call this place home on and off for three years, we have put together this list of our favourite things to do in Dunsborough and even included some incredible things to do in Yallingup.

Top Things to Do in Dunsborough

1. Margaret River Wine Tour

An obvious choice. This area is known for its rich soil that results in incredible wines. Not just for the wine lovers, a perfect wine tour also incorporates some local food artisans and producers, breweries, delicious restaurants and wineries.

The vineyards are not just limited to Dunsborough, incredible wineries are scattered all throughout this region including in Quindalup, Margaret River and Yallingup. We put together this itinerary for a perfect day out exploring the vines and sampling the goods:

The Perfect Wine Tour Itinerary for the Margaret River Region

Walking through a vineyard in the Margaret River Region

2. Beach Hop

Even though there are so many incredible beaches in Western Australia, I swear there is nothing quite like the beaches around Cape Naturaliste. Although it is definitely a holiday destination, it thankfully hasn’t reached the celebrity status one would expect with its beautiful white sand and crazy pristine waters. The coastal drive between Meelup Beach and Eagle Bay delivers numerous beaches and incredible views worth exploring. For the clearest blue water, make sure you go to Bunker Bay, while Point Picquet is quaint and often secluded.

Swimming at Eagle Bay beach in Dunsborough

3. Brunch

Nothing says the holidays quite like a lazy morning filled with good company and even better food. Brunch is a go-to favourite activity in Dunsborough as indicated by the sheer number of cafes and brunch restaurants. Goanna Cafe is set back in Quindalup’s bush but is worth the drive. Be sure to try their Indo breakfast – it’s phenomenal. A couple other favourites include Canteen Kitchen and Yallingup General Store (aka Andy’s).

4. Sunset at Sugarloaf Rock

Out towards Cape Naturaliste is the spectacular sight of Sugarloaf Rock. This impressive mountain of granite rock juts out of the water in the shape of a pyramid and makes for a unique sunset spot. Grab a couple of drinks and take in the view as the sun sets on the horizon casting its golden glow onto Sugarloaf Rock.

Sugarloaf Rock one of the best things to do in Dunsborough

5. BBQ at Yallingup

A true Aussie classic – it doesn’t get much more Australian than enjoying a BBQ on the beach. Take advantage of the free electric BBQs, picnic area, grassy lawn and amazing seascapes on offer here in Yallingup. The elevated viewing platform is the perfect spot to hang post-meal and witness some of the local talent as they surf Yallingup main break.

Over the years this has become a reoccurring activity and one of our favourite things to do in Yallingup. Whether it is to celebrate birthdays, bid farewells or just an excuse to get together, you cannot go wrong with a Yallingup BBQ.

6. Injidup Natural Spa

At the very end of Wyadup Rd out past Yallingup, you will find the natural-forming rock pool and spa. This incredible phenomenon occurs as ocean water surges through the crevasse in the rocks and flushes out into the pool, loosely mimicking jets in a spa. Nestle yourself into these cracks and enjoy the free massage.

From the car park, there is a bit of a scramble over some rocks but you will be well rewarded with this unique spot. This activity has gained popularity in recent years, and while you may not get this spot to yourself anymore, it is without a doubt still worth the trip.

7. Sunday Sesh at Cave House

If BBQing on the beach is the favourite pastime of Aussies, having a few drinks, listening to live music and enjoying a Sunday Sesh is a close second. Caves House in Yallingup is a local favourite on Sundays. The restaurant and bar offers a sprawling outdoor area perfect for events and shows. During the summer months take advantage of the good artists they bring in and the free shuttle bus from town.

8. Surf

No trip to the South West of Australia is complete with trying your hand at the local surf. If you are a beginner, Crystal at Yallingup Surf School offers awesome lessons to put you at ease. Unlike many other world class surf spots, you can expect to share the water with only a handful of others.

Things to do in Dunsborough - surfing

9. Coastal Hikes

There is no shortage of incredible walks around this area to experience the rugged, untouched seascapes of South West Australia. The popular coastal trek, the Cape to Cape Track takes you 135km through the Margaret River Region from Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin and provides access to views and beaches not otherwise accessible. If 5 days of hiking isn’t your thing, smaller sections of the track are available.

Another beautiful route and a personal favourite, takes you along the Meelup Reserve Trail from Old Dunsborough to Castle Rock. Scramble up on top of Castle Rock at the end to enjoy the view of its surroundings.

10. Hamelin Bay

A little further afield than the rest of the activities, but no less desirable – Hamelin Bay is a must see. While the white sand and crystal clear waters are stunning, the true draw to this beach are the friendly resident stingrays.

Head down to the shoreline just to the left of the boat ramp and you can expect to see the stingrays cruising the coastline. Don’t be intimated by their dangerous image, these guys provide a friendly greeting by gently swimming right up to your feet.

The fact that this tiny town has so much to see and do is a testament of how good the area is. After 3 years, we are still finding new things to do in Dunsborough, and are forever exploring our beautiful backyard. Next time you’re in Dunsborough make sure to check out some of these things and make the most of your time in the beautiful South West! Let us know which ones are your favourites!