Mirissa was our absolute favourite town on the south coast of Sri Lanka. There were so many awesome spots to hang out at and catch the sunset. Coconut Tree Hill, Mirissa Beach and Parrot Rock all made for an epic few days down here. On top of all that good stuff, there is also one of the most amazing little beaches in the country, Secret Beach Mirissa.

This beautiful beach is only a short distance from the main beach in town, Mirissa Beach, but this filters out the crowds, as many just opt for the convenient beach at their doorstep. When we were in Mirissa the main beach was always fairly busy but when we visited Secret Beach Mirissa it only had a handful of people there. We couldn’t believe a beach this good was so quiet. It is secluded, lined with palm trees and has hardly anyone there. What more could you want?

Getting to Secret Beach Mirissa

It is only a short distance from Mirissa town centre to Secret Beach but it is a crazy little road that takes you there. We recommend taking a tuk tuk there which should cost around 400LKR ($2.26 USD) from the town centre. The road is steep, narrow and winding, making for an interesting journey. The last 200 metres of the road are so bad that you will have to get out of the tuk tuk and walk.

It is possible to walk to and from Secret Beach as well, although I can’t say I would recommend it. We walked back to our homestay and it took around 30 minutes. The steep hills made this a hot and sweaty journey and although we love travelling on a budget it is definitely worth paying for a tuk tuk.

If you do decide to walk, on the last stretch before the beach as you make your way down the hill, there is a friendly lady there selling coconuts and water to help with the heat.

As you can see from the map, Secret Beach Mirissa is just under 2km from the centre of Mirissa town. As you head north out of town, towards Weligama on Matara Rd, turn left on to Harbour Rd that will take you past where the whale watching boats depart from. Just after the harbour you will turn right and follow the road up the hill. After you pass Secret Villa, turn left and head down towards the water.

Things to Know About Secret Beach Mirissa

As you may have gathered, Secret Beach is no longer much of a secret. It is widely regarded as one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka and we certainly rate it as one of the most beautiful. This means you won’t have the place completely to yourself like the name may suggest, but it should still be relatively quiet and peaceful in comparison to the main Mirissa Beach.

Main Beach

Secret Beach is made up of two different palm tree lined beaches that come out and connect on a rocky headland. The first beach you see when you arrive opens out into the open ocean. If you want to go for a proper swim, then this is the place for you. As it is an unprotected slice of beach, there were a few waves around the day we visited, making it a bit rougher to swim in, but nothing too crazy.

Main Beach at Secret Beach in Mirissa

Like most places in Sri Lanka, it is also teeming with wildlife. If you go for a swim or a snorkel there is a good chance you will come across some turtles which always makes for a great day. We were also told that some people were even lucky enough to see some baby sharks in the water. Grab a snorkel and keep your eyes out for some awesome marine life. However, be cautious of your surroundings as there is the odd sea urchin around as well.

In addition to marine animals, there were also a few stray dogs around. Keep any food you have well wrapped up to deter them from sniffing around your belongings.

Lagoon Beach

The second beach just around the corner is the real gem here. This beach is surrounded by a rocky outcrop which has created a small, shallow lagoon that is protected from the waves. It was perfectly calm and still in the lagoon while waves were crashing against the outlying rocks. The lagoon is only waist deep so it isn’t ideal for a proper swim but it is perfect to float around and hang out in. We spent ages just chilling out in the water to stay cool.

The second beach at Secret Beach Mirissa

There is also a beach bar right in front of the lagoon so if you want to rent a day bed, grab some food or have an ice cold beer or coconut, then you have the option to. We are all about keeping it cheap so we just brought a blanket and settled down on the beach in the shade.

In order to keep your expectations in check, its good to note that the beaches here weren’t made up of fine sand. Rather there was loads of little shells, tiny rocks and coarser sand that lined the beaches.

There was no entry fee at the time of writing this, and we hope that it stays that way. Just be sure to be respectful, take all your belongings and garbage with you, and consider doing your part and grabbing a couple more pieces.

Where to Stay in Mirissa

The best place to stay is in the nearby town of Mirissa.

Budget: Kavindi Guest House – As well as having large spacious rooms with a private bathroom, they offered the most insane breakfast. Every morning we were each given a traditional Sri Lankan breakfast in addition to eggs, toast and jam plus a plate of fresh food. At 2400LKR ($14 USD) for a double room with a fan and the breakfast included, we thought it was great value.

Mid-range: Peacock Villa – Great value for money! If chilling on the beach isn’t relaxing enough for you then the health and wellness centre here should do the trick.

Luxury: Villa Océane – The ultimate place to stay in Mirissa. This place features a pool right on the beach that is surrounded by palm trees.

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Swimming in the lagoon at Secret Beach Mirissa

A trip to Secret Beach Mirissa is an absolute must when you are on the south coast. While it may no longer be the most secret beach in Sri Lanka anymore, it is still amazing. It is a beautiful little beach, tucked away from all the hustle and bustle in Mirissa and is the perfect place to go and unwind for a few hours. We loved it here and definitely recommend adding it to your Sri Lanka travel plans.

*Please note, prices are a reflection of our experiences while traveling Sri Lanka in March 2019 and are subject to change. Prices quoted in LKR were the exact prices we paid and USD conversions are listed for your convenience.