Coconut Tree Hill Mirissa is a landscape like no other. On a small peninsula, a palm tree forest that overlooks the ocean has grown up from the red soil. Its unique beauty has made it famous across Instagram and has made it one of the must visit locations in Sri Lanka. The locals seem to know it by many different names, Coconut Hill Mirissa, Palm Tree Grove Mirissa and Mirissa’s Palm Trees. Whatever you choose to call it, just make sure you visit the red earthy hill covered in lush palm trees.

Getting to Coconut Hill Mirissa

Coconut Tree Hill can be found at the south-eastern end of Mirissa and is shown by the pin below on Google Maps. To reach it you can either grab a tuk tuk from town, which will only take a couple of minutes and cost around 200LKR ($1.15 USD), or you can walk there which will take 15-20 minutes from the centre of town.

You can either walk along Mirissa Beach, past Parrot Rock and along the next two bays until you reach the hill or you can walk along Matara Road and turn down Coconut Tree Hill Road.  To access the hill, you will pass through the Sunset Bar and climb up the dirt path on the side of the hill. Be careful as it can be a bit sketchy especially after it has been raining as the path is steep and slippery.

Coconut Tree Hill Mirissa

Coconut Tree Hill is a seriously beautiful place as palm trees rise out of the bare, red earth and you are surrounded on three sides by the Indian Ocean. Because we had seen loads of cool pictures from here we were worried we might be disappointed but this place still managed to knock our socks off.

The top of the hill is the perfect place to chill out and watch the world go by. You can see Parrot Rock and Mirissa Beach in the distance while just below the rocks there are surfers and even the occasional turtle popping its head up to see what all the fuss is about.

Coconut Tree Hill Aerial Photo


It has to be rated as our top sunset spot in the area. Watching the golden glow filter through the tops of the palm trees was something pretty special. While the lighting and scenery was absolutely beautiful, it was extremely busy for sunset. By the time the sun went down there must have been 50 people milling about at the top of the hill.

As well as enjoying the view from the top of the hill we recommend watching the sun go down from Sunset Bar, where you pass through to reach the hill. It’s always better to watch the sun go down with a fresh coconut or an ice cold drink in your hand.

Coconut Hill Mirissa at Sunset


If you want to avoid the crowds and get that perfect picture you’ve been dreaming of, then you are going to have to get here for sunrise. On our second morning in Mirissa we headed there before the sun was up and enjoyed the sunrise with just a handful of other people. Although we didn’t have it to ourselves it was still an awesome morning. As the sun rises from behind the trees, the lighting isn’t 100% perfect, but the lack of crowds and the peaceful setting at sunrise made for a beautiful morning.

Palm Tree Grove Mirissa at Sunrise

Best Time to Visit

In terms of the best time of year to visit Mirissa, the peak season runs from December to March as this is the dry season. Monsoon season in this area runs from late April until September so you may want to avoid the south coast at these times. The best time of day to visit is definitely sunrise. This place has boomed in popularity recently so if you want to enjoy it with very few people around, sunrise is the only way to go.

Other Things to Do in Mirissa

There is loads of other cool things to do once you have had your fill of Coconut Tree Hill in Mirissa. Head out to Secret Beach for a quiet and secluded day soaking up the sun, go whale watching, surf in Weligama or grab some afternoon drinks at The Doctor’s House.

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Where to Stay in Mirissa

Budget: Kavindi Guest House – The breakfast here was insane. They brought out the first plate of food and we were stoked with what was on offer. Then they brought two more plates of food out as well. You definitely won’t go hungry staying here. Traditional Sri Lankan breakfast, a fresh fruit platter plus eggs, toast and jam each morning = Stuffed. At 2400LKR ($14 USD) with the breakfast included we thought it was great value.

Mid-range: Peacock Villa – Great value for money! If chilling on the beach isn’t relaxing enough for you then the health and wellness centre here should do the trick.

Luxury: Villa Océane – The ultimate place to stay in Mirissa. This place features a pool right on the beach that is surrounded by palm trees.

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Coconut Tree Hill Mirissa at Sunrise

We LOVED Coconut Tree Hill in Mirissa and could rave on and on about how good it is but the best way for you to find out is by visiting the place yourself. If you are spending any time around the south coast of Sri Lanka, then a visit to Coconut Hill Mirissa in particular is a necessity.

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