Situated in the mountains of southern Cebu, near the town of Alegria, you will find the spectacular Cambais Falls. This incredible blue waterfall is set across three different levels offering the chance for you to cliff jump, swim and slide between the different pools. The water colour here is insane which is why we loved it. Nowhere else in the world does blue water quite like the Philippines.

The falls are just over 3 hours drive from Cebu City, although we recommend staying in Moalboal when exploring the waterfalls in the south Cebu region. Cambais is located just 30-minutes south of the most famous waterfall in Cebu, Kawasan Falls. While Cambais is not anywhere near as popular as Kawasan, you should definitely take an adventure out here as part of any trip to South Cebu.

It is still relatively unknown and off-the-beaten path, as a result you should only have to share this amazing place with a few other people. Not to mention – DIY canyoneering, cliff jumping, hiking and exploring on a scooter make for the best adventures.

Main waterfall at Cambais Falls

Getting to Cambais Falls

The easiest way to reach Cambais is to rent a scooter and ride there yourself. Moalboal is a great hub to explore all the best sights in the south of Cebu and renting a scooter there should cost around 300PHP ($5.85 USD) per day. From Moalboal it is about a 1-hour drive to reach the waterfall.

Once you leave the main highway the road is much smaller, windier and not as well maintained, but certainly not one of the worst roads we have ridden on. Cambais is located on the same road that leads to the epic Osmeña Peak hike.

Google Maps suggests two routes, a very windy one, that takes you past Cancalanog (or Cangkalanog) Falls, another popular waterfall in the area, or one that appears to be more direct. Make sure you take the Alegria Barangay Rd, which is the windier road that goes past Cangkalanog Falls. If you are coming from Moalboal, turn left at 7H Canyoneering Adventure. The other road was not paved and made for a longer journey.

The Google Maps pin shown below will lead you right to the entrance. There is only a small sign stating your arrival at the falls just before crossing the river so keep your eyes peeled. Opposite the sign there is a small parking area where local kids will offer to watch your bike.

From the parking area it is a 15-minute walk along a dirt path to reach the falls. It is an easy walk that can be done in flip flops.

Entrance Fee

It costs just 50PHP ($1 USD) per person to visit these falls. Unlike most of the other waterfalls in the region it is not required for you to take a guide. This makes it one of the cheapest waterfalls to visit. The walk in is very straight forward and the route between the various levels is easier than many other waterfalls in the area. However, if you are considering cliff jumping, it might not be a bad idea to take a guide as you want to make sure that the water is deep enough. If you decide to take a guide, make sure you tip them as your entrance fee does not cover the cost of their wages.

We opted not to take a guide, however we did witness a couple of other people cliff jump and climb up the falls before we quickly followed suit.

Standing at the top of Waterfall at Cambais Falls

Cambais Falls

This is the ultimate adult playground. These falls are spread out over 3 different levels all offering something a little bit different. You can climb up the falls, swim into caves, cliff jump, climb bamboo stairs and walk across bamboo bridges. On top of all that, the water is that Gatorade blue colour that this part of the world has become famous for. It really is an epic adventure to come and explore this waterfall.

One thing to note, is that the falls are closed on the first Monday of every month to help its recovery and keep it sustainable. The first time we attempted to arrive here we were met by a sign stating its closure and the threat of a hefty fine for those that were caught disobeying.

Upper waterfall at Cambais Falls

Level 1

The most beautiful part of Cambais is the main pool and waterfalls at the first level. There is a large waterfall on the left hand side that trickles down from a height of about 25-feet. You can swim underneath the falls and there are some shallow rocks there allowing you to stand just behind the waterfall and take in all the beautiful views that surround you.

Standing underneath the main waterfall at Cambais

In the centre there is a smaller waterfall that has a small cave underneath that you can swim into. At the right hand side of this smaller waterfall is where you climb to the top and onto the second level. There are foot holes carved into the rock and a rope attached to the top to help you climb up as it can be pretty slippery. Before heading to level 2 you may want to do the small cliff jump from the top of this waterfall that is about 10-feet high. If you don’t fancy cliff jumping, then you can take the natural slide at the front of the waterfall. I LOVE this kind of thing so I made sure to climb up a couple of times, ensuring I got to both jump and slide back into the pool below.

The waterfalls flow into a large blue pool at the bottom that is perfect for swimming. The water is refreshingly cold here and the perfect way to cool down after the short walk in.

Level 2

There is a 10-foot cliff jump here into a blue plunge pool. The landing area is quite small so make sure to check the depth before you jump. To make your way up to this cliff jump and to get to level 3 there is a cool, but slightly sketchy looking set of bamboo stairs.

Wooden ladder and bamboo bridge at the waterfall

Level 3

This is the final level of the falls and another epic spot. There is a big waterfall on the left hand side that you can climb up to and get underneath, a 20-foot cliff jump on the right hand side and a natural slide with a drop off in the middle. We spent about 30-minutes up here jumping and hanging out underneath the waterfall.

Visiting Cambais just made us feel like big kids again. It was so good to just run around and jump and slide off things. Just good old fashioned fun. We love adventure activities like this, so a few hours spent climbing up waterfalls is really our perfect day.

The trip from the car park to the falls and back again took us around 2 hours. With driving time from Moalboal the entire trip should take around 4 hours.

Backflipping into the top rock pool at Cambais Falls
Backflipping into the rock pool in Level 3

Travel Tips

  • Closed on the first Monday of every month
  • Bring aqua shoes – In order to climb the falls, you will need either aqua shoes or a pair of trainers that you don’t mind getting wet.
  • Bring a dry bag – You’ll be climbing up waterfalls and swimming through pools so if you want to take pictures with a camera or your phone you will need to bring a dry bag.
  • A guide is NOT required – One of the few falls that doesn’t require a guide but you may want one if you are going to cliff jump.
  • Plan to take 2 hours at the falls – To make the most of your trip out here and to fully enjoy all three levels, then aim to spend 2 hours here.
  • It is moderately difficult – Cambais was one of the more slippery falls that we visited. Climbing up the waterfalls and the bamboo stairs isn’t too difficult, but should be attempted with care.

Cambais Falls

Where to Stay

Moalboal is the ideal place to stay when visiting these falls. It is a short drive away, you can snorkel with bait balls and turtles right off the beach and there are some great restaurants. The main area to stay in is actually outside the town centre near Panagsama Beach.

BudgetJ&C Guesthouse – Our choice for budget accommodation and where we stayed while in Moalboal. A private double room with air conditioning cost 1000PHP ($19.56 USD) and this price also included breakfast. It is a short walk to the beach and close to lots of good restaurants.

Mid-range: Moalboal Shaka Traveler’s Place – If you want to stay right on the beach but not break the bank then this is the place for you. They have their own private beach area and a great terrace to watch sunset each night. Shaka also offers dorm rooms for those who want a more social atmosphere.

Luxury: The Blue Orchid Resort – A much more luxurious way to enjoy Moalboal. They have an awesome pool, an on-site dive centre and they are also located right on the water.

Find other great places to stay in Moalboal on and Airbnb.

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The main waterfall and rockpool at Cambais Falls

Cambais Falls truly is one of the most sensational adult playgrounds you could ever hope to find. While swimming with whale sharks may be the most popular activity on Cebu, beautiful waterfalls surrounded by lush jungle greenery like this, are certainly hard to beat.

We had an absolute blast exploring all three levels as well as the different cliff jumps and slides on offer. You won’t be disappointed that you made the trek out here as you enjoy one seriously stunning waterfall with only a handful of other people. Take a few days to explore all the waterfalls in the area, such as Aguinid Falls and Dao Falls, and let us know which one you think is the best in the comments!

*Please note, prices are a reflection of our experiences while traveling the Philippines in June 2019 and are subject to change. Prices quoted in local currency (PHP) were the exact prices we paid and USD conversions are listed for your convenience.