Australia is a mecca for beach lovers with the state of WA offering the cream of the crop. That’s why we put together a list of the absolute best beaches in Western Australia.

The ridiculously diverse coastline here means that there is a huge range of different beaches you can visit on your adventure out west. From white sand and blue water to red cliffs lining the shore, West Oz has it all.

Having seen our fair share of beaches over on the west coast, we compiled a list of our absolute favourites. When we say these 9 beaches cannot be missed, we truly mean it. These are the best beaches Western Australia has to offer.

The Best Beaches in Western Australia

1. Wharton Beach

The Duke of Orleans Bay is located an hour east of Esperance at the southern end of Western Australia. Wharton Beach is the cream of the crop out here. We are starting off with the whitest sand and bluest water that Australia has to offer. There isn’t much out this direction other than the Duke of Orleans Bay Caravan Park which makes it all the better. Enjoy your swim surrounded by nothing but the best nature has to offer.

2. Lucky Bay

Australia in a nutshell! This beach offers squeaky white sand, crystal clear blue water and to top it all off, kangaroos hopping up and down the beach. This is fast becoming one of the most iconic beaches in the whole of Australia thanks to the furry marsupials that call this beach home. A picture with the friendly locals is a sweet souvenir to take home from your trip to Cape Le Grand National Park.

3. Twilight Beach

Beaches this good should not be so close to town. Twilight beach is located just 7km west of Esperance. More brilliant white sand and blue water are on offer here along with some impressive orange rock formations. Due to it’s orientation and the large rocks a few hundred metres offshore, this is often the most well protected beach in the area. If you’re feeling brave, you can swim out to the rocks and cliff jump back into the sea.

4. Little Beach

This one gets my full bias as it is my favourite beach anywhere in the world. Steep hills fall towards this remote crescent bay and with it’s unusual rock formation set right in the heart of the beach – it is sure to take your breath away. The few times we have been there, we have found it to be quiet and peaceful, sharing it with a handful of other people each time. Not bad, for a place so pretty.

5. Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks

A perfect natural swimming pool. The outer rocks around Greens Pool make for beautiful calm water, even when the waves are crashing further out to sea. The unique rock formations around the pool, and even more so around the corner at Elephant Rocks are a sight to behold. Aptly named for their resemblance to the gentle giants, Elephant Rocks gives your imagination the chance to run wild.

*Top Tip: Worth mentioning is Madfish Bay, which is also located in William Bay National Park. Often overlooked, it is worth the 5-minute drive to check out the sandy point that protrudes into the sea.

6. Point Picquet

A short drive out along Cape Naturaliste will take you to Point Picquet. The road along the ocean here is one of the best coastal drives in the world. The rusty orange rock formations, magnificent reef, white sand and blue water all combine to make one wonderful place. If you come between September and early December, you are almost guaranteed to spot whales super close to shore, as the locally known “Whale Highway” runs parallel to the shore. The Margaret River region is definitely worth a visit.

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*Top Tip: Take the time to drive the length of the Cape and check out all the other beaches on offer. While Point Picquet is our favourite, the other beaches scattered along the Cape are equally as good.

7. Turquoise Bay

Want to swim with turtles and have amazing snorkelling right off the beach? Well this is the place for you. Access Ningaloo Reef right from shore, and see the amazing underwater world come to life just a few metres from the beach.

Another beach that has been aptly named for its turquoise blue water. Keep an eye out for turtles, reef sharks, dolphins, dugongs and manta rays. For a next level thrill, take a boat tour to the outer reefs to swim with the whale sharks.

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8. Cable Beach

Broome is home to some of the most amazing beaches we have come across. Cable Beach is no exception. 22km of white sand beach line the eastern Indian Ocean. It is famous for it’s camel rides along the beach, offering tourists a different way to enjoy the beach. Watching the sun set behind the camels as they walk along the beach, is one to tick off the bucket list.

9. Cape Leveque

One of the most unusual beaches we have come across. The beach is lined with rugged, red cliffs that are in stark contrast to the white sandy beach and deep blue water. The two-hour drive along red sandy roads is worth the journey in itself, let alone the reward of this geological phenomenon at the end of it. As the sun sets, the cliffs light up and burn red in the late afternoon glow. The contrasts here are a photographers dream!

It was almost an impossible task to compress this list down to just 9, as Western Australia is blessed with endless amounts of gorgeous beaches. There were some absolute crackers left off the list but that just goes to highlight how outrageously good the beaches that made the cut are. While these were our choices for the best beaches in Western Australia and the ones you definitely shouldn’t miss, we recommend you get out and explore and find some hidden gems of your own.