Its official, fall is here. And unlike many other people, I do not go gaga for pumpkin-spiced lattes and Halloween themed events.

I am the minority that mourns the loss of summer.

I am a beach bum, through and through. Summer is my one true love (sorry, Luke). But seriously, I chase summer to the fullest extent (as in, I escaped winter three years in a row) and I plan to continue skipping as many of those freezing Canadian winters as I can for the rest of my life. So for me, the existence of fall signifies the death of summer and all the beautiful things that go with it – patio beers, late night ocean dips, bbqs with friends, beach fires and spending the day at the lake hanging out in your bikini. 

Having said that, I am not going full blown seasonally depressed quite yet. Here are a few things keeping my spirits alive.

1. Warm Drink Season!

And no I am not talking that basic pumpkin spice latte crap (no offense to the lovers out there). I am talking boozy, hot toddy, baileys and coffee, hang by the fire while that west coast rain comes down. Bring on the blueberry tea!

2. Trip Planning

Nothing keeps me sane like planning my next getaway! And let’s be honest, how good does it feel when you’re laying on a beach in 30 degree knowing your friends and family are shivering their tatas off back home. The more miserable it is back home, the better my holiday! PS. If you don’t already, get yourself set up with the app Tripcase to organize your trips.

3. Fall Hikes

This has got to be one of the best times of year for getting out there and hiking. The colours are gorgeous and its not crazy warm and sweaty. Plus, how much better do all your Pacific Northwest photos look in cute toques and layers!

4. Comfort Food

That’s practically a repeat you might argue! But for true foodie lovers like myself, food deserves its own acknowledgement. Time to forget about that beach bod and enjoy one of the perks of winter, layers and no one having to witness my soft and cuddly tummy for another 8 months – bring on the pho, turkey dinners and nachos! Plus, nothing quite beats a wet rainy night with a big bowl of ramen and beer, right?

5. Guilt-free Netflix and Chill

Forget about going outside, being social, getting active. Its cold, wet and miserable. Time to get into those sweatpants and make yourself comfortable on the couch. You aren’t missing out on gorgeous weather or wasting your day away while you should be outside soaking up the sun.

I’m not going to lie, I fully intended on this blog post consisting of 7 reasons not to hate fall. But here I am actually stuck at only 5! I tried to like fall I swear! Fall-lovers please enlighten me!