Travelling can take you anywhere. 

You might end up on a tropical beach in Thailand or exploring the snowy peaks of New Zealand. 

There are loads of blogs out there telling you what to actually pack (super useful blogs, go read them). This is more of a “What to pack when you’ve already packed”. Every trip requires you to pack a little differently – but no matter where I go I carry these things with me. 

1. Super High Bounce Ball

This may seem like a stupid thing to have as number one but I had to put it straight in at the top. Its pretty much exactly what it sounds like….a big bouncy rubber ball. 

My best friend and I have probably racked up around 100 hours of playing time with it. From throwing it around the beach, to hand ball, to our own game inventions. I love having this – it can entertain me no matter what. 

2. Kindle

I carry my Kindle around every day in my backpack. 99% of the time I forget that I even have it but that’s why it’s so great. 

I can carry hundreds of books around which equals weeks of entertainment and it barely takes any bag space or weight. It’s a super easy one to pack in your carry on luggage and take on the plane with you. Plus, will think you look clever when, little do they know, you are binge reading Kim K’s autobiography!

3. Playing Cards

Whether its playing Jack Change It with your mates, Kings Cup on a Friday night in the hostel or strip poker with that girl you fancy, you will never second guess the decision to throw some cards in your bag. 

It’s an easy way to get to know new people and you always learn awesome new games everywhere you go.

4. Swiss Army Knife

So this is a boring, practical item you should take but it has come in useful on countless occasions. 

Words can’t describe how many little things break while you travel and this is the perfect tool to have. On a less manly note – the pliers also act as great tweezers to manage my unibrow. Win Win!


So there you have it. Your checklist of 3 items that are totally useless to you in your everyday life and one thrown in at the end that will actually come in handy. While I agree you can get by without most of these items, well who just wants to get by? 

So when your bag is busting at the seams, take out that fancy shirt and make some room for some stuff you don’t really need. You’ll be glad you did!